An explainer video is a video, typically made for digital channels, as an external intermediary textual information in an audio-visual form. These videos are short and they present information about a business, a product or a service in a simple way.

Explainer videos focus on speed, accuracy and simplicity. It's about explaining your business or product fast and in the most accurate and simple manner, making it easy to understand and remember. An explainer video in its pure form should be of a duration of maximum 1 minute if it has a broad target audience.


Explainer videos are available across a wide range of online platforms, including e-mails, blogs, newsletters and websites. Because they are short in length, a well made explainer video can explain things faster, thus saving time for both the company and its audience.

It is tempting to say that explainer videos are a core part of what we do at Levende Streg. We explain things on video. Making the complex simple, interesting - and entertaining.


An explainer video is highly compressed and get's to the point - fast.  It's all about getting to the core message that the company would like to communicate to their customers, employees or partners.

At Levende Streg our specialty is getting to the core stories of the company and getting them told in a short, accurate, easy to understand and entertaining way. We provide explainer videos to both Danish and international businesses.