Corporate comic books is the new black! Recent neuroscientific research shows that comic books are talking to the brain in a particular way. Sales of comic books (comics) and graphic novels (longer comics) is soaring worldwide. In North America alone rounded sales figures for 2016 at $ 1 billion. And now, comic books and graphic novels also found its way into corporate communications.


Large global companies like Google (right), Zappos, Peugeot, Twitter and eBay are already using comics (corporate comic books), both internally and externally as an active part of their communications and advertising.

At Levende Streg we clearly see the trend. Companies have realized that comics can be a true asset in their communication. All though many adults associate comics with books for children or lazy teenagers, the fact is that thousands of adults read and love the genre.


Where digital communication invites to multitasking and rapid absorption of news, comic books encourages the reader to indulge. Comic books work because they are visually expressive and engaging for the reader. They consist of both illustrations and text, they are about feelings that are visually elaborate, the reader reads both horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Comic books are great when you want to convey a complex message and you want your recipient to read in depth - to gain understanding of important or complex details.


One of the obvious ways to use comics is to actively use them in product development. You can, for example test your product with potential customers BEFORE YOU'VE EVEN CREATED IT! And you can get important feedback before you even touch a finger in product development. It saves thousands of dollars! Or you can use corporate comic books within the company to create understanding and common direction on a product or a strategy.


Corporate comics can also be used as part of a change management process. And many of our customers have really taken a liking to that. By telling the story of what needs to change, why - and most importantly, what it means for each employee, you can create great understanding of a change management project. And you can get your staff on board and take ownership of the project - which is crucial for it's success.

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I’ve enjoyed working with Levende Streg. They have a professional approach and have worked effectively to achieve the assignment, which was a comic book about the EU School Scheme for Milk, Fruit and Vegetables. The result totally meets expectations.

The Danish Ministry of Environment and Food Sannah Plenaa Thorngreen, clerk, the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food