Do you need an animation video? Levende Streg tell your company's stories. We specialize in getting to know your business. And then we translate it into an easily understandable and interesting universe of drawings and animation.

You can use our videos both internally at various intranets and on external web sites, digital channels, TV monitors, Youtube and more. We create the entire process in-house at Levende Streg's studio.


The word animation means bringing to life. It can be anything. From an entire animated movie shown in cinemas to special effects in a regular movie (like the 3D dragons in Harry Potter). Or it can also be a business video on the web explaining a bank loan or a TV commercial.

Live footage takes continuous movement and makes it into small chunks of images played one after the other. Animation works the other way around - merging still frames into sequential movement. A small movement in an object in time is composed and set into individual frames. And then you play them as a whole, creating a video.


At Levende Streg we work with many different types of animation, expressions and styles. This is how we ensure that your videos communicate your core message. And also that it has the right impact on your target audience. We guide you to find the right expression, style and format for your project.

Below you can read about some the different types we use and master at Levende Streg.


2D animation (tradigital animation) means creating objects, moving them and bringing them to life in a two-dimensional environment. It's made by traditional hand-drawn animation or by using special software and creating elements digitally. Today many animators use flat 2D characters and set them up in a 3D environment.


Drawn-on-film animation is also known as "direct" or animation without camera. It is a technique where the animator draws directly on the film itself. This way the images are drawn frame by frame. Today this is done digitally and in layers.


A speed drawing video (or whiteboard video) is a video showing an illustrator drawing live. Most often the video is cropped so that just the hands and the pen are in focus. Speed drawing videos are our core at Levende Streg.


Tradigital animation is a mix of 2D and 3D techniques. It enables the animator to put 2D characters into 3D space, where the puppets are rigged and moved around. This technique gives a very vivid perception of depth and is one of the most used animation techniques. We use the technique all the time in our production.


This technique make use of flat characters (2D), props, and the light from materials such as paper, cardboard, fabric or images to make animation. Today most animators make cut-out animation using a computer, scanning images or adding vector graphics instead of real physical material. Also this type of technique can be set up in a 3D environment.


Motion Graphics are graphics that use video elements or graphic elements to create the illusion of life and movement. Today most professionals create motion graphics on computers via special software applications.


Stop motion makes static objects appear as if they are moving. Remember "Walter and Grommit"? This technique is commonly used in claymation (figures made of clay / plasticine). At Levende Streg we have our own studio setup for recording stop motion videos.


A whiteboard film is actually the same thing as a speed drawing video. A whiteboard film of high quality requires the right lighting and set-up in order to get that nice, white color without glare or unnatural shadows. We have our own studio for this type of videos.